Pinterest – A review

I’ve been using Pinterest ( for a few weeks now and have found it to be very interesting. The site is set up the same way you woulset up a cork board in your house to ‘pin’ all of the articles, etc. that are associated with a project.

Let’s say your planning a superbowl party. Through Pinterest you’d create a ‘board’ named ‘Superbowl’ like this one (Superbowl)and then go looking on the web for the various recipies and decorations, etc. that you might want to use while planning the event. You can also add a second person who would be able to ‘Pin’ to that board so that your sister-in-law can add in her suggestions. You could then ‘Pin’ all of the links back to your ‘Board’ on Pinterest as a way of keeping track of them. You can also search Pinterest based on a specific topic and ‘Pin’ items back to your ‘board’ or you can ‘repin’ an item that someone else ‘Pinned’ on the web. In the end it all leads back to your ‘boards’ and their topics. In addition, you can follow friend’s ‘boards’ on a similar topic and make comments on each of the ‘Pins’.

Like Twitter the site offeres a great way to organize your thoughts and share them with friends. Unlike Twitter though, which is based on text links, Pinterest is based on photos, which is great for anyone who is visual or whose looking for an item that they would need to ‘know it when I see it’ or that’s based around design such as clothing, art, web design, recipes, furniture, etc.

As far as the business applications, the site already has ‘Pins” for Zulily, Crate and Barrel and and the part that’s the most interesting is that the companies didn’t ‘Pin’ most of the items themselves. They were ‘Repinned’ by Pinterest users, which is similar to a retweet for those of you in the Twitterverse.

If you have an item to sell and photos on your site, Pinterest is a great way to showcase them. It’s also being used by bloggers with craft, DIY and recipe blogs, which is a great way to showcase your skills. All that’s needed is to add a ‘pin it’ button to your site or blog and you’re good to go.

As of now they have a mobile app for the iPhone and a mobile site which can be used with any web enabled mobile device. There was an Android app a few weeks ago which has since been removed from the market. There is an app called ‘Photo to Pinterest’ for Android which works in the backround and pulls up in your hit list whenever you share a link, which works nicely. However, I do feel that an Android app is a needed item as the mobile site is good, but not great.

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Give Your Employees Unlimited Vacation Days

I just read this article by <a href=”; rel=”nofollow”>@RedFrogEvents</a> which I found to be very interesting. The author, Joe Reynolds, mentions that by giving his employees unlimited vacation time ”It treats employees like the adults they are.” and he feels that it’s actually boosted productivity. I believe that this is one key way to show appreciation and respect to your employees, however this needs to be supported by top down leadership. If you don’t have complete buy in from the top levels of the firm then the program is doomed from the start. This is also only one part of a culture change that would involve many other adjustments as well, all of which would be based around a novel consept…trust your employees…*gasp*… In any event, I think this is a great start and am say hats off to <a href=”; rel=”nofollow”>@RedFrogEvents</a>.Number 4: You know what they say…The Sky’s The Limit!


One Thing You’re Probably Not Using LinkedIn For

LinkedIn is a great way to get the word out whether its for business or personal branding. I’ve probably trained close to 100 people one-on-one how to best use LinkedIn to get their name ‘out there’ using groups, setting up their profiles and a lot more. It’s a fantastic tool that isn’t used nearly as often as it should. And yes, I bought stock when it went public.

Number 2: You know what they say…You Learn Something New Every Day!