Just a little slice of my life…uh cake…actually 3 cakes…

My daughter just turned two and for some reason we wound uphaving three parties for her so I wound up making three cakes. I used rolled fondant for each of these. Once I got through the first one the others were actually pretty easy.

For the largest of the three events I also made Elmo cupcakes. To make the Elmo heads I melted colored chocolate and put them into a squeeze bottle. Then I sprayed a sheet of wax paper with baking spray and created the main shapes adding in the eyes. After they dried I simply pulled them up and put them on the cupcakes. I also used yellow frosting for the noses, but next time I may cut off the ends of candy corns as the frosting didn’t stick too well to the chocolate after it cooled. In the end the only thing that mattered was that when I showed the cupcakes to my daughter she yelled out ”ELMO!”. That’s all I needed. 🙂


Number 3: You know what they say…Everything Comes In Threes!


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