The ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’ Ways to use Social Media

I was speaking with a client today about her Twitter profile when she said ‘I know I’m doing this wrong.’

I explained to her that when it comes to social media, the only ‘wrong’ way is to NOT use it at all. There are always ‘better’ and ‘more efficient’ ways to use social media, but if you’ve set up accounts and are getting interesting information out to your networks, then you’re headed in the right direction.

There are many, MANY ways to optimize your posts through the use of hashtags and keywords, to be sure that your focusing on the client and the WIIFT (What’s in it for them), but as long as you’re out there and posting relevant information I don’t think that you’re ‘doing it wrong’.

Now, there are exceptions to that such as posting offensive material, etc., but I’m referring to the average busines owner who is trying to bring in new business and create or increase brand recognition.

She’s blogging regularly and has her team doing the same and they’re getting the posts out to their social networks. They also recognized that there are many areas where they can improve and streamline their efforts, which is why they brought me in…but that’s for another post.

You know what they say, you don’t sell the steak, you sell the sizzle. (Seinfeld)


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