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What Role Does SMM Play For Your Brand?


Social media marketing is quick, inexpensive (compared to traditional marketing) and provides global coverage, but despite all these benefits it is cannot do the job of marketing your brand all by itself.

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On to a Lovely {Weekend}


TGIF, Lovelies!!! I must apologize for the lack of a “true” post today. I’m currently traveling in California and time is just too precious and sparse out here – so much to see, do, taste! I’ll be back next week with a full report, Pinky Swear! In the meantime, have a fantastic weekend.


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What Your Klout Score Really Means (Wired)

If you have an public Twitter account, then whether you know it or not, you have a Klout score. In the article linked below from Wired Magazine, the author tells a story about how he lost a job interview becuase his Klout score was to low. If you are in marketing or communications this is a critical item in this day and age.

Do you feel that the Klout score is accurate enough to be used as the key measurement tool for social influence? Leave me a comment below.

What your Klout Score Really Means. (