#iPhone5 “Five rows of icons, four shor

#iPhone5 “Five rows of icons, four shortcuts on the bottom…18% thinner than before. 20% lighter than the 4S.” http://ow.ly/dF5wn #Apple


Top jobs of the week in digital media


Summer is fully in effect, but that doesn’t mean our readers or our job listings have gone on vacation. This weekend, check out the latest batch of jobs listed on our site, including:

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We have more listings from companies like Akamai Technologies, Wenner Media and SponsorPay. Click here to see what else is on our job board.

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How Top Brands Like Gatorade And The Super Bowl Use Social-Media Command Centers | Fast Company


Social Media Is Just One Part Of A Complete Marketing Plan – http://lorirtaylor.com


What Role Does SMM Play For Your Brand?


Social media marketing is quick, inexpensive (compared to traditional marketing) and provides global coverage, but despite all these benefits it is cannot do the job of marketing your brand all by itself.

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